Disadvantages of Wind Power and Advantages

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Wind Energy Disadvantages and Wind Power Advantages

Numerous environment friendly aspects of wind energy had been decisive of the huge increase of wind power stations during the last decades. But advantages of wind power in regards to our ecosystem are not without a few seamy sides.

Already before wind energy starts playing a more important part for general energy supply, an opposition grows that draws our attention to a few serious disadvantages of wind energies. Those times are over, when the installation of wind turbines had been seen as a perfect completion to geothermal energies and as an alternative to electricity generated from fossil fuels. Now wind wheels also show negative side effects.

Wind Power Advantage, but still there are Seamy Sides for humans and environment

It is easy for eco-friendly people, that live far away from wind turbines and large area wind-parks, to praise the advantages of emission-free wind power stations and to propagate it as the clean energy source of the future. Most complaints mainly come from those people, that have to live or to work in the close neighbourhood of circling wind turbines. These constantly rotating wind blades create a permanent, never ending rush and whirr in the air. There is no chance to escape these noises for those who have to live in close neighbourhood to operating windmills. It's difficult to get pro and contra for renewable wind energies in dense areas together. It is not the stressed residents' question: how do wind wheels work?, but much more: how could wind turbines work without a constant rush. This permanent and unavoidable noise level of rotating wind wings appears to some threatened neighbours as acoustic terror.

An other wind energy disadvantage is the visible rotor shadow that hits neighbouring buildings. As soon as the sun is shining the flitting shadow of the circling rotors covers all houses that are near this wind power station. All people living or working in this area are hit by uninterrupted "light flaps" what can cause psychological stress like a non-stop twinkle of their eyes. No serious office work is possible and any "normal life" in their own houses turns into a nightmare. The rotors' shadow doesn't just effect those rooms with direct windows-sides towards the wind wheel. The shadows are even reflected by the walls into all neighbouring rooms and get on the people's nerves everywhere in their homes. Affected citizens don't just call it disadvantage of wind power. Each day with bright sun shine and transmitted rotor shadows into their rooms, they create horror visions and panic stress.

There had always been opponents of wind energy that felt huge wind turbines disfigure the countryside and even a single modern windmill near a populated town would spoil the known silhouette of the city. Such arguments may be appropriate for some areas, landmarks or a few towns, but it should not be used to criticize all wind power stations generally. Not part of any discussion, but without any doubts "environment-unfriendly" as well, are those long-distance power supply pylons that cut the countryside all over the country. Over the years others, more dangerous seamy sides have given a new sight on installations of wind power plants.

Already several times lighting hit the nacelle, the engine room in the center of wind turbines, and burned the whole machinery. Wind power technology that is placed in such heights is unreachable for most standard equipped fire brigades. Fires caused by lightning or short circuit nearly cannot be stopped. Besides, material defects and some defective constructions of rotors have already sent broken wind wheel parts back to the ground. For sure pros and cons may be difficult to get together. Such setbacks are quite possible during an early stage of searching new sources for renewable energies, and there is confidence that technical improvements will be installed before not only material damage, but also the damaged reputation of green wind energies gets bigger.

Other negative reports describe broken windmill towers that got knocked over by heavy storms and turned down like matches. As hurricanes get more and more common in Europe during spring and autumn, it has become quite a dangerous risk, when suddenly tons of metal and wind technology hit the surrounding ground. Tragic accidents like those show the importance of safe distances to neighbouring buildings, busy roads and railway lines.

What pros and cons for the Environment come with Wind Energy?

Windmill Disadvantage vs. Wind Energy Advantages

Small and easily installed Compact Wind Turbine Generators, that can be installed on roofs or gardens of private home, are less endangered. These turbines produce minimal shadow and show minor disadvantages by noises from rotors. Right now, this environment-friendly wind energy system is just powerful enough to operate as an additional energy source, e.g. for additional electricity for ecological heat energies like Solar Heat Systems. Special plastic or light metal constructions allow these turbine generators to run very quietly and to generate electricity quite efficiently, without disturbing a neighbours or the home owner himself.

To generate electricity without any environmental pollution is definitely a great advantage of wind energy. Of course some technical defects with wind turbine technology and rotors have to be reconsidered and improved. Further solutions must be found for all disadvantages of neighbouring citizens of windmills and wind parks. Recently, the legal aspect of side effects of wind power plants had been officially confirmed by a German Federal Court in Leipzig. A fundamental decree in 2007 established that operating wind turbines might cause unreasonable noise pollution.

Successfully operating off-shore wind parks are still experiencing economical and technical setbacks. Getting these problems solved could blow many disadvantages of wind energies on land away. Disfiguring the countryside and psycho terror by noise pollution would become unimportant aspects. Successful profitability of off-shore wind parks might be the final factor to prove that advantages of wind parks will predominate. This should not discourage those, who search for own new ways of clean energies and who try to find out how to build your own windmill. The above established facts describe vivid the advantages of ecological efficiency of wind turbines can prevail disadvantages of wind power stations.

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Disadvantages of Wind Power and Advantages