Compact Wind Turbine Generators

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Compact Wind Turbine Generators

The additional installation of a compact wind turbine generator is the perfect completion when you generate geothermal energy of if you work with solar heat systems. Although there are known disadvantages of wind power, advantages of compact units that are easily installed on a roof or around the house, are obvious.

Compact wind-energy systems are eco-friendly power sources for limited energy supply like ecological heat-energy generation, that requires an external power supply.

An eco-friendly wind-energy system is a compact wind turbine

You will find compact turbines with capacities of several megawatt. There are even successfully operating compact windmills as DIY units available.

There are wind-energy systems with rotors spinning around a horizontal axle as well as around a vertical one. Some compact wind power generating systems are specially designed for installation at buildings or on the parapets of a building, using winds travelling up the front to increase the energy capacity compared to wind turbines installed on a roof. Small standard, aerodynamic windmills can generate about 400W per unit, enough electricity to supply electrical devices like heat pumps or to charge low voltage batteries.

Often wind tunnel tested designs of wind technologies increase megawatt capacities and guarantee the rotors operate at minimum noise. Besides aerodynamic aspects of the turbines' casings also lightweight construction materials like fibreglass or aluminium improves efficiency of compact windmills. And on top: Aluminium casing supports cooling and gives each wind turbine an individual visual aesthetic. Rotors and axles are designed to prevent lots of energies might get lost and guarantee the turbine generator is operating stabile at very low winds as well as under extreme wind speeds.

Compact wind energy systems for residential homes

Even combined compact power generations have already been manufactured to operate with wind power and with solar energy. Such innovative wind technologies are 1000% eco-friendly stand-alone units. An integrated control system check and charge both energy sources. Blade breaks allow to stop the compact wind turbine generator in case of emergency immediately. The better the aerodynamic processing of rotors and casing is, the less disturbing turbulences will be and the less acoustic noise of blades will be heard.

Based on all necessary technical knowledge about how do wind wheels work, it will be possible to any manually skilled person to build your own windmill with a professional compact wind turbine set to generate electricity individually.

The more aerodynamic rotors and casing are manufactured the less vibrations and noise will be created. Several customers using compact wind turbines with a vertical axle say that vertical turbines produce much less noise and vibrations. Further vital controller for compact wind turbines would be an overload output protection and a battery overcharge protection. Ideally the inverter and all necessary control technique is built-in. The installation of wind power technology at or on top of the house avoids additional land consumption, but still reduces monthly energy costs.

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Compact wind turbines for residential homes