Combination of Wind Energy and Solar Power

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Advantages of combined Wind Energy and Solar Power Technologies

Recent developments in technology and a call for shifting to alternative energy have sparked a growing interest in renewable energy sources. There are many sources available, but for homes, among the most popular ones are solar and wind power. Each system can be installed separately and has its own set of benefits, but it would also be a great idea to combine solar and wind energy systems to be used in your home.

The use of solar energy for homes can be done in so many ways. Electricity generation is usually done by installing solar or photovoltaic panels, usually on the roof of the house. The panels receive and collect sunlight, which can be directly converted to heat that is either used immediately for electricity production, or can be stored in batteries for future use.

Combination of Solar Power and Wind Energy

Solar energy can also be used for space heating through passive solar building design, wherein duct systems are installed in the house or building that efficiently distributes heat as it is acquired from solar panels. Solar energy can also be used for a handful of other home applications, such as producing hot water, solar cooking, solar powered garden equipment, air conditioning, and lighting.

Wind energy is harnessed through the use of compact wind turbines that are installed on towers of about 80-120 feet, and is usually placed in large lot areas. The kinetic energy from the wind is collected by the turbine, which then powers the generators that produce electricity. Depending on the size and power rating of the turbine, wind energy systems can provide for up to 50% of the home's energy needs.

Combine Wind and Solar Power Technologies to reduce Electricity Costs

A combination of solar and wind energy systems can be a wise investment for any home. It can bring down electricity costs by as much as 90% or more. Depending on their location, homes with minimal energy requirements, the combination of these two systems may be enough to provide their electricity needs, as solar energy can be stored and be used later, while wind energy can immediately supply energy requirements as long as the wind turbines are able to collect wind kinetic energy.

By installing both wind and solar energy systems in your home, you can maximize the benefits of these two free resources while enjoying a pollution-free energy source. The US government provides tax incentives for those who invest in renewable energy systems. In the long run, the many benefits outweigh the high initial cost in acquiring the combination of these two systems.

However, there are some requirements that are needed to be able to enjoy the benefits of wind and solar energy. Aside from the price, a large area is needed for both systems. Solar panels take up much space, and wind turbines atop towers must be installed on a piece of land large enough to accommodate the structure.

To find out if wind and/or solar energy systems are right for your home, you may contact a local service provider to conduct studies and make recommendations, as the effectiveness of these system vary according to location.

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Combined Solar Power and Wind Energy Systems