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What kind of water power technologies can be a wise energy source?

The Earth is abundant in water resources. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many technologies are being developed around this resource. Hydropower is one of the best ways of making use of this resource, as it also has many potential applications.

An ancient energy source - Water wheels & Watermills

Water wheels & Watermills

Water wheels and watermills have been around since 240 BC in ancient Greece, and 25 BC in ancient Rome. The early Greeks and Romans used water wheels to aid them in many laborious tasks, such as mining and construction works. Even other early civilizations, like the Chinese and the Indians, have recognized the capability of the water wheel to provide power to aid them in their work.

The water wheel is able to do this by rotating when water flows through its blades or buckets. This rotational motion moves the other components connected to the wheel, such as axles and drive belts.

Although it is an old device, the water wheel is still significantly useful in today's world. Some factories and industries still make use of the water wheel in their production. Apart from this, modern science has provided means to convert the energy from the rotation of the water wheel into electricity, which is the case in hydroelectric power plants.

Water wheels can still be found in some homes in the US and Europe, although many of them are no longer in operation, and are simply preserved as displays for visitors.

Generating energy with water pumps and water dams

Apart from using water wheels, water pumps also aid in many other activities. Water pumps have an assortment of uses; any application that needs the quick transfer of a massive amount of water or any fluid makes use of one or more pumps. Depending on the need, water pumps come in many variants and sizes, and could be powered through electricity, by other sources such as solar power, DC batteries, or by turbines running on any of the available renewable energy sources.

Water dams, on the other hand, serve as storage for huge amounts of water. Some act as floodgates or barriers that control the flow of water into certain regions. Because water can become extremely heavy, water dams have to be structurally sturdy to be effective in holding water.

More energy from water

Heat from geothermal energy can also be used to produce hot water. This heated water is then used to produce steam, which can drive turbines that power generators. While the process may seem simple, the role of geothermal heated water is important, as the water that goes around the heat transfer system is the driving mechanism that runs several geothermal power plants in the world.

Waves and tides carry with them an enormous amount of energy, and this potential energy is being exploited by tidal power (Wave and Tidal Power Plants). Another technology is ocean thermal energy conversion, which makes use of the temperature differences in ocean water to run heat engines that can produce electricity. Although these technologies are not yet widely available and in operation, both have great potential, especially for users near oceans and seas that can benefit from the water resources surrounding them.

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