Water Power Plants & Wave Power Stations

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Water power plants generate clean energy

Dam and reservoir

The most ancient way use water as power source for motion goes back to wooden water wheels and watermills, located near rivers and operating just by the running water.

Those idyllic "watermills aside a bubbling brook" would not provide enough energy for today's demands.

Weir, Barrage, Dam

Green energies from wave power stations

Next step towards efficient use of water power as a kind of renewable energy was to dam up rivers and lakes with huge dams linked to power plants to generate electricity with the power of water masses.

Astonishing constructions that show the great skills of architects and engineers were realized worldwide and tons of water were dammed up.

Till these days valleys are flooded and whole villages and artistic heritage sink into artificial lake, like the Three-Valley-Dam at river Yangtze in China or the Nanga-Parbat project near Diamir in Pakistan.

Besides these water power plants, there are "pumped storage hydro power stations", that generate electricity and are able to even store their generated power for some time.

Pumped storage hydro power station

These power stations pump water from one basin, that is located down in a valley up the hill or mountain into a second basin or dammed lake.

From here the water falls down through thick pipes to the valley-basin driving turbines, that generate electricity. This change of generating and storing power rotates in short time distances.

Generating clean Energy with Wave Power Stations

Wave power

Generating clean power with sea energy has inspired to another engineering achievement in the multisided list of unusual ideas to find green, renewable energy sources. Wave power stations like the tidal power plant near the French coast of Breton generates electricity since the early 70ies. Here, the tide varies between 12 and 15 meters. Such huge differences are typical around Breton and allow the wave and tidal power plants to use the ocean water power successfully.

In the UK and Scandinavia several possibilities are tested that will use kinetic wave energy to generate electricity. Some experiments use the waves' pressure when they approach and move back, - other projects use the waves' continuous movement.

The "water-pressure experiment" is based on the method that the waves compress air in a concrete chamber what drives a turbine to generate power. The project that uses "kinetic wave energy" works with long steal-cylinders that are linked to each other like a chain that float on the water.

Wave power Station

The up and down movement of the water surface is collected by hydraulics in the articulations and is sent to generators to produce electricity from marine energies.

Tests with numerous kinds of wave power stations are finished, more or less successfully, but large-scale wave power plants are not realized yet. Planning is still in progress.

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Water Power Plants & Wave Power Stations