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Solar powered Home and Garden Equipment

Solar energy is slowly gaining popularity, mainly because as an energy source, it is free and efficient. Many consider getting solar-powered equipment to be a good investment, as it reduces electricity costs and at the same time, you get to do your share in saving Mother Earth.

Solar energy has many applications, and is among the top choices for many small but important residential applications, like home gardening and outdoor lighting.

The use of solar water pumps make a solar powered garden eco-friendly

Gardening is a relatively inexpensive but fun activity that uses a number of equipment. Many of these rely on either electricity or carbon-based fuel like gasoline to power their operation. However, with oil and electricity prices rising, using solar powered equipment like solar pumps, solar fountains, and even solar outdoor lights can prove to be a worthy investment.

Solar pumps are useful not only for gardening; they can be used to regulate water supply in the house.

An energy-efficient application of solar water pumps is for water heating, wherein the pumps use solar heat to make hot water.

Solar pumps make use of solar panels for power supply; they may operate either directly from the solar panels, or from direct current (DC) batteries that are charged by any type of power supply.

They can have optional alternating current (AC) inputs that may be used as backup when there is not enough sunlight to power the equipment.

There are many kinds of solar pumps. The most common would be pumps that are used in circulating water throughout the house, including water heating. These pumps are directly connected to the water supply system. Submersible solar pumps are used when the water supply is much deeper, such as in wells. Other pump types are also available, depending on the intended use and source of water supply.

Advantages of solar powered Gardens

Water fountains can also be powered by solar energy. These fountains can be found as displays in many gardens at homes, as well as in public parks and sites. Like solar water pumps, water fountains can be powered by photovoltaic (PV) or solar panels. These panels can be placed conveniently anywhere, so ideally they should be positioned such that they would receive a good amount of sunlight.

Apart from gardening equipment, solar power can also be used for outdoor lighting. Solar lamps make use of sensors that can identify when to power on and off, depending on the amount of sunlight received. Solar lights make use of smaller PV panels to charge batteries that are used to power the lights at night. Solar house numbers are also a novel but efficient application of solar power, wherein like solar lamps, house numbers and display boards make use of power from batteries charged by PV panels.

Solar powered gardens are a good addition to any home, as they are eco-friendly and can bring down electricity costs. Although solar panels are expensive, in the long run they may prove to be cost-effective as they are easy to maintain and can last several years. Some states in the US provide incentives for those who invest in equipment that make use of renewable energy like solar power. This is to encourage everyone to take a step in making homes green and energy-efficient.

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Solar powered Home and Garden Equipment