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Cooling your Home with Solar powered Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is an integral part of many buildings and homes. Summers can be extremely hot, and air conditioners (AC) can be used to maintain cooler temperatures indoors. However, air conditioning also consumes a huge amount of electricity, thus they are considered expensive to operate. This is why solar powered air conditioning can be an alternative to bring down electricity costs while still being able to cool down the air inside your home or office.

There are several ways by which solar AC's work.

A solar powered AC can be an alternative to bring down electricity costs

Solar energy can be used either through direct conversion, or through thermo-chemical processes that involve adsorption and absorption of heat and moisture in the air.

A desiccant, such as silica gel, can absorb moisture from the air, after which it is dried out.

The process is repeated in cycles, wherein the drying out process provides water vapor or steam, which provides power.

There are a number of commercial suppliers of air conditioners and refrigerators that run on this mechanism. Passive solar cooling is also way of doing solar air conditioning. It involves the mechanical process of heat transfer via conduction, convection, or radiation.

Passive solar cooling with green building design

Passive solar cooling: This method is integrated when designing "green" buildings and homes. The path amount of sunlight over the area, as well as the amount of sunlight received by the proposed location of the building or house is the major consideration in order to maximize the solar energy that can be used.
There are other factors to be considered when doing "green" building design, such as the general climate and weather patterns, variations in temperature, and adjacent structures that may become obstructions to the path of sunlight.

The regular PV cells, if laid out in large numbers, can also be used to power air conditioners. This method though, is generally not recommended, as the cost of acquiring and installing the solar panels may be too much for this application, as more PV panels are needed to provide energy for air conditioners.

Solar power can be used for cooling and heating applications in conjunction with other renewable energy sources like geothermal power. Both can be used in space heating and cooling by solar heat systems, and a combination of these in a temperature regulating system can significantly bring down electricity costs.

To a certain degree, solar air conditioning systems can be scalable, but it is generally recommended for use only in smaller spaces like homes or small offices.

In order to maximize the benefits of solar energy, it is best used for several applications in your home. Aside from space heating and cooling, other basic functions can make use of solar energy, such as lighting, solar powered garden equipment, and solar cooking. These can all be integrated when planning for your "green" home.

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Cooling your Home with a Solar powered Air Condition System