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Environment friendly Solar Heat-Energy Systems

For many people, who want to become more independent in their power supply and who want to change to clean renewable energies, start generating solar heat energy as their first step towards green technologies. Although financial expenses for reconstruction to solar heat systems at home are significant, the reduction heating costs make nearly any change to alternative energies profitable.

Various methods enable to generate heat energy with solar heat collectors for a detached houses. Solar modules can be installed on flat roofs as well as on nearly any sloping roof. To get best heat-energy results, we advice to integrate the collectors into the roof, to avoid heat-loss by ventilation.

Energy-System to generate Solar Heat

One popular method uses solar heat collectors with silicon panes covering pipe loops that contain a mix of water and antifreeze. It is pumped to a warm water storage after the fluid reaches a specified temperature. The antifreeze can store heat very efficient and will support the heating system. Now there is enough heat energy for the central heating and warm water supply in the house.

An other solar heat system pumps pure heating water through several loops of pipes that are surrounded by vacuum case - similar to a thermos flask. All pipes are placed above reflecting half round mirrors on the solar heat collector. The pipes' vacuum casing guarantees that the water won't loose any heat. The reflectors increase the angle the sunlight can reach to pipes. The half round shape makes it possible that the sunbeams can get nearly all around the pipes what increases the capacity of these solar heat panels enormously. The temperatures may reach almost boiling heat. The hot water is pumped back into a warm water storage respectively a water heater. This solar heat energy system helps to reduce regular heating costs enormously.

Solar Heat-Systems at Home

The transformation of sunbeams into heat energies by the use of solar collectors is working in summer and in winter and can directly being used for space heating and warm water supply. The size and the amount of the collectors is decisive for the quantity of warm water. In situations of insufficient sunshine or available space for additional panels the combination of solar power and wind energy might be an effective alternative.

Two solar heat collectors can supply enough warm water for 2 to 4 persons. Three solar panels will generate about 400 litres of warm water - an average amount for 6 persons. Environment friendly heating systems that support solar heat systems ecologically and economically are biogas-systems or heating with wood pellets. Most expert dealers for solar technical supplies offer packages with various types of collectors and different heater systems. Individual consulting will help you to find the optimal solar heat model for you demands including the the most efficient location for the installation.

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Solar Heat Systems