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Since millions of years solar energy is a clean renewable power source

The sun sends heat and light energies to earth for free since millions of years, so it just seems to be the most reasonable source to cover our warmth and energy demands. And in countries, where governments subsides the use of renewable solar energies, it should even turn out to be a profitable energy supply, too.

The huge increase of private houses, that use solar panels since the year 2000 is obvious and it proves the economic efficiency of individual and independent power supply. Solar energy is a clean, renewable and profitable green-power source.

Solar Energy is a renewable green power source

Photovoltaic Technology

Photovoltaic, the clean and quiet solar power source with sunlight and warmth is a very environment friendly form of energy. Solar technologies have been tested since years and scientists and industries still continue to improve solar cells and the efficiency of solar modules.

Solar energy can be used to generate electricity or with the installation of solar heat systems the sun power will supply warm water and heat the house.

During the years the fabrication of solar modules has become more and more efficient and technical knowledge of an economical mass production of solar cells has grown. The efficiency of solar cells had been improved by increasing the capacity of conductors and costs for a single silicon pane have been reduced by permanent refinement of the panes' thickness.

Sun collectors with Photovoltaic-technology for clean sun energy is on its best way to become a realistic alternative to anyone, who wants more independence and who likes to reduce rising energy bills with his own initiative.

Accompanied with subsidies per kilowatt, like in the UK or in Germany, the price for solar power already gets close to public electricity prices from big energy corporations.

Solar collectors can be installed as standalone in backyards or can be placed on roofs, respectively be integrated into the roof. Already an area of 12m2 of the sunny, sloping roof is enough to generate enough capacity of solar power for an average detached house.

Photovoltaic modules, that are installed on top of the roofing tiles get a better cooling by circling air. This is a big advantage, if you want to gain electric power with your sun panels.

On the other side: Modules, that are integrated into the roof reduce heat loss and are more efficient being used as solar heat panels to collect heat e.g. for warm water. Both installations can help to increase the production of solar energies.

Eco-friendly solar panels are the perfect choice to become independent from convenient fossil energies like gas and oil. Clean sun power will help to manage your power supply by yourself.

To create solar power in huge solar power plants is an option, that is already in service, but often natural conservation has to limit excessive installations of sun panels in open countryside.

Solar Energies cover heat and power supplies - even transportation needs

Technical engineering and private developments have already created solar vehicles of all kind, shape and size. Most prototypes are still not ready for serial production, but sun powered cars are a possibility that will be experienced more and more a future that will be dominated by a global warming and the greenhouse effect. Since years there had been competitions on effectively driving with solar cars and bikes. The technical results were quite inspiring as well as entertaining.

Direct use of Solar Heat and Solar Power

Solar modules operating in public places

In private homes as well as in public offices you can find successfully operating solar powered devices. Already in action are solar powered parking automates and photovoltaic surveillance technologies.
For home and garden you will find solar garden lamps, solar outdoor spots, solar garden pumps, or fountains and other solar powered garden equipment that come with solar cells to operate with an independent power source. Solar modules in public areas and residential homes are an eco-friendly step towards on-site green technology, like solar powered air conditioning or solar cooking even with a simple, self-made solar oven.

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Solar Energy