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Zero Carbon Houses are eco-friendly, technical energy-alternatives

Besides your individual engagement to save energy there are more and more technical energy-alternatives and green architectures, that help to reduce energy demands and carbon emissions. The range varies from skyscrapers that will generate their own energy supply in the near future, to zero carbon houses, that already need a tenth of energies compare to their neighbouring detached houses.

Even if such a passive house is still prototype and the financial expenses are higher than for standard houses, eco-friendly home construction will show the profit already a few years later.

A Zero Carbon House is a perfect Passive House to save Energy

The zero carbon house is built of careful chosen building materials and green architectonic constructions, that help to use all energy sources efficient and economic.

All necessary energy supply of zero energy houses are generated independently without releasing additional carbon dioxin. To avoid buying external energies these houses use collected rain water for their own water supply and recycle the own waste water for e.g. toilet flush etc.

Compact wind-turbines and solar-cells on the roof or integrated to at the walls, generate an economical and ecological power supply.

In the future, new designed skyscrapers cannot continue being build with such energy wasting architectures as in the past decades. Ventilation of future office towers with green architecture will use the "chimney effect", a suction of air, that is created in buildings that are designed in a special way. With these ventilation systems office towers can give up their energy wasting air conditions and may even direct the circulating air through turbines to generate electricity for the own power supply, too. One front of a skyscraper covered with solar cells and wind turbines on the roof are a eco-friendly technical energy-alternative that will guarantee a carbon free energy supply.

Green energy-saving architecture makes a Zero Carbon House

A zero energy house also uses natural ventilation and even provided special constructions to increase the effect. The air taken is sent through all room and finally released at the opposite side of the passive house. In an ideal case the circulating air passes a geothermal pipe system before it is pumped ahead to ventilate the zero energy home. This would provide cool air in summer and warmer air in winter at very low energy cost.

Careful heat insulation of outside walls, the roof and of cellar ceilings reduce regular heating cost drastically. And even about 2 meters under the house there are heat insulated walls surrounding the building. In this area there is a pipe system installed. A few months before winter, warm water - heated up by solar cells - is circulating through these pipes and warming up the ground. In winter, the whole passive house is standing on a slight warm foundation. Such innovative and environment aware home construction is an efficient step towards zero carbon emission and low heating cost at the same time.

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