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Tips on how to save energy at home and in your office

Saving Mother Earth should be everyone's concern. The 3 R's - reduce, reuse, and recycle - are the three most important activities that, no matter how small, can all contribute in saving our resources and preventing further destruction of the environment. Aside from these, energy conservation is also becoming a trend as we face the problem of scarcity of non-renewable energy sources.

There are many tips on how to conserve energy in your home and office.

Using recycled rainwater for gardening

These are all effective means that all aim to minimize electricity costs. In addition to these tips, using renewable energy is also an effective way of conserving energy.

The use of renewable energy technologies, aside from bringing down your electricity costs, can also help save the environment in many ways.

The use of renewable energy sources emits a minimal or almost zero amount of pollution.

There are many sources of renewable energy, and different technologies have been developed to harness the power from these resources. Many of these sources are free, like wind energy, solar power, and geothermal energy.

In the case of hydroelectric power, the water that is used to run water wheels and watermills can be recycled. This is because only the current from flowing water is necessary to drive the wheel that is used to generate electricity. This water can either be sourced from the used water in homes.

How to conserve energy by recycling water and rainwater ?

Another source of water could be rainfall. Recycling rain can help save energy since rainwater can also be saved to be used to drive the watermill.

Aside from being used to power water wheels and watermills, recycled water is also recommended in water pumps that are used for gardening purposes. Try to save rainwater and use them in watering the plants in your garden. Aside from saving water, you can also save energy by reducing the use of your water pumps.

The way we use water can also affect energy use. In doing the laundry, try using cold water and set your machine to do cold washing. Aside from saving energy by not having to use warm water (heating water uses a lot of energy), the cold water setting in most machines require less power during operation.

Conserving energy and saving the environment definitely go hand in hand. There are still many ways of doing this, and everyone should do his/her part. It may require some changes in lifestyle and some investments, but we must all think that in the long run, it may not only benefit us, but also generations to come.

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Tips on how to save energy and how to recycle rainwater