Disposal of Waste from Green Technology

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Future Prospects of new green Energy

The advent of green energy technologies has paved the way for the availability of many new devices and equipment in the market. These devices have replaced the old ones, while some of them are being developed and replaced quickly.

Some of the technology we have are continuously being redesigned and replaced, and so arises the problem of disposing of the older technology.

Future Prospects of new green Energy: Disposal of Waste from green Technology

One example of waste from green technology is the silicon from photovoltaic (PV) or solar panels. PV panels are used to harness solar energy for use in homes and buildings. They normally have a life of about 30 years, so at the moment, there is a relatively small number of PV panels that need to be disposed of. However, some time in the future, it is foreseen that disposing of the panels will be a problem, as current users will have to replace them.

PV panels are generally safe for disposal, as the chemically reactive contents are encased in glass or plastic, and the contents are mostly insoluble. However, some of the modules contain hazardous wastes. Because of this, technologies to retrieve and recycle these components are being developed by the PV industry.

Research works have been conducted which look into methods of recycling PV panels and their contents. In 1998, scientists and engineers presented studies that look into solving the looming challenge of recycling PV cells. Since then, other researchers from the PV industry have focused their work to find ways of tackling the problem. Some of these studies are trying to find ways to reuse the most number of components in these panels, thereby reducing the amount of waste to be produced.

The disposal of waste from green technology

Like any emerging field, the challenge of shifting to green energy technology involves certain issues, such as the waste that will be created. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be a sudden influx of PV wastes from users replacing the panels in their current systems. Until that day comes, we still have time to determine the best way to treat these wastes and find a good way to reuse them.

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Future prospects of new green energy and how to dispose waste from green technology