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Your Energy Savings

The cheapest energy source that also shows the most responsibility of each customer is to save energy and reduce carbon emissions on your own. This simple step towards individual care of the environment is often omitted because of lack of knowledge, ignorance or because of thoughts of short-time savings.

Also the recycling and the disposal of waste from green technologies is a challenge that has to be mastered in the near future.

Energy saving devices and non-polluting cars save energies

The step-by-step exchange in daily life of conventional cars and electricity consuming household electronics with energy saving devices and non-polluting cars could be a first step towards an environmentally aware energy behavior.
Eco-friendly bio-fuel cars and hybrid vehicles are available as well as economic kitchen electronics, low-energy sound and home-movie equipment, ecologically operating air-conditions and freezers. House heating systems with economically working circulating pumps can help a lot to save energy resources, too.

Compact fluorescent bulbs save 75% electricity

Further economy measures like the replacement of conventional lightbulbs with much less power consuming compact fluorescent light-bulbs are just simple steps, but with huge impact on energy savings. These bulbs save 75% electricity compare to old incandescent ones and last many years longer.

This makes compact fluorescent light bulbs a very profitable energy saving that lowers your energy bill, even if the price to buy them is still about four times higher than the price of old bulbs. To shutoff completely any long-time unused electronics, instead of holding them on standby-readiness is another efficient and reasonable measure, to reduce the waste of energy.

Precautions of heat insulation reduce loss of energy in the house

With precautions of heat insulation you can reduce the huge loss of energy in your house and also reduce expenses for house heating efficiently.
Heat insulation can be added right from the beginning at any new construction site by choosing insulating building materials. At finished buildings and old houses the measures of heat insulation will be more expensive and may even change the used look of the house. But when you strike the balance of heat insulation at house walls, doors, windows, garage and roof in the long term, the advantages of are an immense energy saving.

Switch to renewable energies that produce electricity and heat at the same time

Last not least, the step towards an individual heat and power supply with renewable energies can also help to save energy at home. For example the exchange of a conventional fossil oil-heating to a modern heating system with Wood-Pellet will be eco-friendly for the environment as well as for your private energy production. Also the installation of Combined-Heating-Systems that generates electricity and heat for the house at the same time may help to reduce the energy bills as well as carbon dioxide emissions and may slow global warming.

How to save energies efficiently

Save energy and heat insulation take care of the environment
  • Instead of long-time standby-readiness better shut your electronics off
  • Use technologies that generate electricity and heat at the same time
  • Use energy saving home electronics - not old power consuming devices
  • Compact fluorescent light-bulbs reduce your energy consumption by 75%
  • Stop using environmentally harmful energies! Start using clean renewable energy sources.
  • Take efficient precautions of heat insulation and optimize your heating system
  • Modern circulating pumps guarantee the efficiency of your heating system

Some statistics even say that to produce 1 truckload of product we produce 32 truckloads of waste. This means that the whole understanding of our production process finally will have to change.

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How to Save Energy