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Go Green! Renewable Bio-Energy Solutions

With the global warming scare looming over an ever increasing industrial economy, it becomes increasingly important to come up with alternate fuel sources whose consumption does not take off a large chunk of our atmosphere. Because of this, many people and industries are adopting alternate fuel sources like bio energy or biomass products as a cleaner and healthier source of energy.

What is bio energy you ask? Bio energy or bio fuel is renewable energy made from materials that are derived from natural resources like animal waste and plant material. Popularly known as biomass, bio energy products can be used to produce electricity, heat and are a great substitute for combustible fuels like coal and natural gas.

A. Cornell biochemist from ScienceDaily describes a cost free and resourceful way of giving global warming the boot. According to Cornell, charring or burning trees without using oxygen proves to cleanse the atmosphere from carbon dioxide.

This increases the carbon content in the residue which in turn can be reapplied to the soil as carbon sink. It is a recyclable resource that converts exhaust gas emissions and other biofuel productions into instant energy sources.

This process not only promises a carbon free bio energy resource, but also improves soil quality.

Renewable Bio Energy Is Rapidly Receiving Global Acclaim

There is good news for the unemployed! With the economy stuck in a seemingly unending downward spiral, many employees are still feeling the brunt of being laid off before their prime. The end of 2009 saw a lot of manufacturers lay off up to 7 million employees! This has US politicians wishing, and crossing their fingers for a new environment friendly economy which hopefully might be the key to getting it back on track. This brought Universities and laboratories working hand in hand to come up with renewable bio energy solutions in regards to the production and utilization of bio energy products. For this venture they require people who specialize in biochemistry, chemistry, engineering and the like.

Industries and plants that offer bio energy solutions are an employment magnet, especially if they are situated in rural areas and countries. Creating jobs for people living in such localities can prove to be economically beneficial to businesses specializing in forestry or agriculture.

Renewable bio energy could be a non-poluting fuel source

Bio energy is rapidly receiving global acclaim with many countries and industries adopting biomass products as an alternate fuel source. Renewable bio energy solutions are the order of the day for industries whose factories depend on copious amounts of combustible fossil fuels to keep them up and running. Fuel made from bio degradable products is a great way to cut down on those harmful carbon emissions.

Corporations like Metso are also doing their bit by providing bio energy solutions to communities. For example, the Metso Corporation recently supplied a new bio-mass powered power boiler to Bomhus Energi AB in Sweden. Instead of burning up combustible resources like coal or gas to power itself, this one of a kind boiler uses a flue-gas condensation and cleansing system as well bubble fluidized bed technology to power itself.

The verdict? Not only does this new and improved biomass boosted boiler provide an electric and steam supply to Korsnäs' new turbine, but it also delivers district heating to the town of Gävle all the while ensuring a choke free environment for its townspeople.

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What is renewable bio energy and how does it work?