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An Eco-friendly Alternative: Renewable Geothermal Energies

Geothermal energy means to gain heat energy and electricity out of the warmth that is stored a few thousand meters inside earth. Plans and first projects that use geothermic heat energies are getting more and more popular, although the technical expenditure and financial cost are still extremely high. The clean and environment-friendly geothermal heat seems to be for some regions a reasonable alternative to dependence of oil and gas.

Two different procedures allow the usage of geothermic to create energy.

The use of geothermal energies creates independence from coal, oil and gas

First: Geothermal drilling down to a few thousand meter can produce electricity and heat energy on a large scale for whole villages and towns.

Second: Drilling down to maximal a hundred meters and with the help of a second energy source to operate a heat pump will generate heat energy to provide enough heat and warm water for a detached house.

This geothermal energy is already successfully used in the Alps and also in Sweden, where it's a quite normal energy source for new houses. German homeowners start using eco-friendly geothermic energies, too.

After the large-scale drilling a geothermic power plant pumps cold water through pipes several thousand meters down into earth, where it gets heated up to 100°C degrees and more. The boiling water is pumped up to the surface again by other pipes. Here the hot steam and water make turbines running to create electricity.

This geothermal heat can also be fed into a local grid that supplies heat energy for a nearby village. Unfortunately, it is still quite a risky game to find useful and profitable primary rock, that allows to heat up and pump back enough water. For example, most middle and northern areas of Germany are far to much above useful primary rock, so drilling for geothermal energy would not be profitable.

Geothermal heat to provide warmth and hot water supply

In areas where geothermal heat energy is available advantages surpass disadvantages. To convert geothermal heat into heat energy, that can be used directly in the own house is based on an different method. If it's expertly installed, such an individual geothermal heating system reduces heating costs by about 50%.

First you have to drill down to maximal 100 meter near your house, and install pipes that will send water down to a geothermal sensor. The water will be brought back to the surface by a heat pump, where the water will arrive with a temperature of about 12°C degrees. Here it will be mixed with some antifreeze, that absorbs the warmth and by adding artificial pressure, everything will heat up and the stored warmth wants to steam away. This heat and steam is forwarded to your home's heating system. After the antifreeze cools off, it will be recycled into the system as well as the water, that will flow back to the geothermic sensor and can be pumped up again.

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