The Advantages of Wood-Fired Boilers and Wood Heating

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Wood-Fired Boilers and Wood Heating provide several Benefits

Many people are searching for cheaper, less polluting and more sustainable energy source than fossil fuels to heat their homes. Depending on the area, some people are turning to solar systems. Others found that the wind is the perfect solution for them. But, for many, using biomass such as wood and wood products is the perfect fuel for their homes.

Why use wood for fuel?

Wood heating has been with us for thousands of years. Wood is easily available in many parts of the US and Europe, it is renewable, it burns cleanly and it is cheaper than fossil fuels. For people living in rural forested areas, wood heating is also a way to be more independent from the energy producing companies, as long as they are ready to do the work of cutting and chopping the wood. But, most of us depend on the modern technology to allow us to use wood and wood product to heat our homes. Many modern wood burning appliances and wood-fired boilers are designed to be highly efficient, non-polluting and easy to use and maintain. Taking care of our budget and the planet at the same time has never been easier.

The advantages of wood heating

Burned in modern, efficient appliances, wood burns cleanly, using very high temperatures

We allowed ourselves to become completely dependent on fossil fuel, which is going to run out at some point. Wood as fuel is permanently available, as long as we keep replanting trees that we harvest.
Wood products, such as wood pellets, are even more sustainable, since they are made of wood by-products such as wood sawdust, which would otherwise end up in the landfill.

If burned in modern, efficient appliances, wood burns cleanly and does not contribute to the global warming. Modern appliances burn wood using very high temperatures, destroying polluting gasses in the process.

Wood is harvested locally, so not much fossil fuel is used for its transportation. Its processing creates jobs and contributes to the local economy.

Wood is cheaper than the fossil fuels and it will get even cheaper in comparison, as the oil rises in price as it gets more depleted.

Since they use renewable energy source, wood burning appliances benefit from various tax incentives, depending on the state.

Wood-Fired Boilers

While there are many different and attractive wood-burning appliances that are EPA-certified as non-polluting, wood-fired boilers provide the most efficient and easy heating solution for many homes.

Wood fired boilers, often installed in the shed, basement or even outside of the house, allow you to heat your entire home. You can choose the system which distributes heat with forced hot-air or you might prefer circulating hot-water systems. You can even attach a wood fired boiler to an existing heat distributing system.

If you choose boilers fed by firewood, think about the location carefully. You have to make sure that you have enough space to store wood and to have easy access for the delivery. Removing ashes is another consideration.

Whatever model of wood fired boiler you choose, make sure that it is EPA-certified, so that your boiler burns wood cleanly, without emitting polluting gasses and ashes.

Think about using wood pellets instead of wood, as the boilers fed with pellets can be fed automatically, using a thermostat or a computer, making the whole process less labor-intensive.

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Many wood-fired boilers are certified as non-polluting and provide efficient and easy wood heating solutions