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Combined Head and Power can operate with Bio-Energies

Where ever there is a demand of electricity and heat energy nearby a power plant, the generation of "total energy" by a combined head and power (CHP) system is a reasonable alternative. Although most CHP still use fossil oil and gas, these plants could operate with renewable energies and biomass as efficient and profitable as they do standard fuels.

Combined head and power generates electricity and heat simultaneously based on a method known as cogeneration by using those heat energies that are wasted in traditional power plants.

Biogas Mini-CHP is cogeneration of total energy

Instead of exhausting gases during the power generating process, most of the primary energy is converted into heat and electrical power. The heat energy can be delivered to nearby villages, but not for long distance heat supply. This keeps the efficiency high and avoids heat-loss.

A biogas-CHP or a biofuel-CHP is a clean alternative to combined head power plants that still operate with fossil oil.

For offices and schools there are systems like mini-CHP and even Micro Combined Head Power available. All systems use a combustion engine that burns fuel and rotates a turbine that generates electricity, while the heat is used for warm water supply and space heating. Normally a mini-CHP is very efficient in generating electric power what makes these plant interesting for customers, who intend to sell and feed unneeded electricity to electricity companies. This makes a mini-CHP, that is powered with biogas or other bio-energies, not only an ecological, but also an economical and profitable energy source. Emissions are kept low and most of the achieved heat will be used near the cogeneration avoiding long-distance transports.

Micro Combined Head and Power suites for family homes

For detached houses there are powerful and reliable micro-CHP systems available. Most of these can be operated by natural gas or biogas. Even heating with wood pellets is a possible option.

Before installing a mini-CHP it's a good advice to get a profitability-analysis and to check the possibilities of selling home-generated power to electrical units. The principle of cogeneration produces total energy and shows long-lasting high efficiency. Installing a micro combined head power system operated by natural gas or biogas doesn't require much space and operating and programming is user-friendly.

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