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CHP Plants Powered By Biogas And Biofuel

Biogas refers to a gas produced by biological breakdown of organic matter where there is no oxygen in use. Biogas originates from biogenic material and it is a type of biofuel. Biogas is produced by using biodegradable materials. Biomass, manure, sewage, municipal waste, green waste, and crops are the materials to produce biogas. Biogas consists of mostly methane and carbon dioxide.

Other types of gases are generated with the use of biomass, is wood gas, created by gasification. This type of gas consists of a number of elements such as nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide and with a noticeable amount of methane. The gases methane, hydrogen and carbon monoxide are combusted with oxygen. The energy is then released and allows biogas to be used as a fuel source. Biogas can be used as a low-cost fuel for heating purpose, such as furnace heating or cooking. It can be also used in waste management materials, since it can power a heat engine to provide mechanical or electrical power.

Biogas can be compressed, just like natural gas and could be used to power motor cars. Statistics show that in the UK, the use of biogas is at 17% in motor vehicle fuels. Biogas indeed is a renewable fuel, so it surely qualifies for renewable energy subsidies.

A CHP system runs on a heat engine

So, the use and creation of biogas is stated. Now, to know the use of biogas and biofuels in CHP plants, so called biogas-CHP and biofuel-CHP. Basically, biogas is used to power fuels, and it is burned, and consumed just like normal fuels like gasoline. Biogas and biofuels can be utilized for producing electricity on sewage works in a CHP gas engine. The waste heat from the engine of a biofuel-CHP is conveniently used for heating the digester or cooking or space heating. If biogas can be compressed it can very well be able to replace CNG (compressed natural gas) for use in vehicles or in a biogas-CHP.

There are many other uses for biogas and biofuels. In the United States, biogas that produces electricity covers at least 3% of electricity consumption statewide. Biogas has the potential to reduce global warming, nitrous dioxide and methane. Nitrous oxide warms the atmosphere three hundred and times more and longer then carbon dioxide.

The efficiency of biofuels and biogas is required to operate electricity power plants. CHP systems run on a heat engine, but if there is a possibility to use biogas as a fuel, the emissions of greenhouse gas will be greatly reduced. The power and heat will be optimal. If biogas could be used in third world countries that could eliminate power shortages. A CHP plant can produce enough electricity for an entire district. But it is all about constructing a power plant and producing a biomass manufacturing plant in that country.

CHP systems can also benefit from using biofuels. The fuel is cleaner and environment friendly. The power generated by a biofuel-CHP plant or a biogas-CHP system is the same as any other fuel. There is the possibility that biogas can burn much faster then normal fuels.

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Biofuel-CHP & Biogas-CHP can generate heat and electrical power