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Bio Energy Can Generate Electricity, Heat, And Liquid Fuels

Bio energy is rapidly coming to the forefront of providing people across the world with electricity, heat and liquid fuels. We have all felt our pockets being emptied within the past few years due to soaring oil prices. But thanks to bio energy systems, we can all expect to breathe a sigh of relief if we become less dependent on oil and focus ourselves toward this cleaner form of energy.

Bio energy systems were considered as technology that was to come way ahead in the future. However, rigorous research in this field has led to some amazing breakthroughs which will not only provide us with electricity, heat, and liquid fuels, but will also make Earth a cleaner place to live. That means fewer visits to the doctor and more money to spend on your family rather than wasting money to kill Mother Nature. Let's take a look at some of the technical aspects of why bio energy resources are so beneficial.

Bio energy resources are created through a process called anaerobic digestion (AD). This process involves the breakdown of organic components by using a microbial population that flourishes in any oxygen rich place. AD is a hot topic in energy production since it can eventually provide us with clean and efficient energy.

AD is also used to eliminate waste such as pathogens. In addition, it can reduce odours, stop the contamination of groundwater by nutrients, and produce fertilizers. AD can also produce gas which can be utilized for heating or generating electricity.

Bio energy resources are created through a process called anaerobic digestion

The reason AD has progressed so quickly is that it is widely used for waste management purposes. Within the United States and Europe, AD has been mainly used for animal husbandry and to treat waste water. This treatment has gained so much popularity because it is a low-cost and efficient way to produce heat and electricity. The best aspect of AD is that it doesn't have any harmful effects on the environment.

However, AD needs to be given more attention because it can play a vital role in cutting GHG emissions. It can do this through two different methods. Organic waste matter that is not treated eventually aerobically decomposes and causes the release of methane and carbon dioxide. So if the waste is channelled towards a digester, it will not only reduce methane emissions, but will also create electricity and heat.

Therefore, once this process creates electricity and heat for us, GHG emissions that would be released from conventional electricity generating units would be eliminated. There are several AD facilities deployed within the U.S and Canada, however, their respective economies have not given this technology a green light to produce power for the masses.

The benefits of using AD are clear and within the near future, technology will permit us to upgrade digester gas to natural gas quality. This will allow an increased output of natural gas and we can provide electricity in places that do not have any other means to generate electricity. In the long term, bio energy can prevent us from doing any further damage to earth and be an inexpensive way to live our lives.

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Bio energy systems can produce electricity, heat, liquid fuels, and make Earth a cleaner place