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Latest Research On Biogas Solutions

Latest research indicates that the benefits of biobutanol and biogasoline can work to our advantage in reducing fuel costs and decreasing pollution. Using energy sources like these will decrease our addiction to oil and make us more conscious of preserving our environment.

So rather than depleting all our natural resources, we have to focus on building up on already existing research that will help us use cleaner fuel.

Biobutanol has results that are similar to that of ethanol. It is created domestically by using a wide range of homegrown feedstock crops. According to the latest research, using this source of energy can cut Greenhouse gas emissions drastically. This is because the carbon dioxide levels in our environment created by feedstock crops are balanced out after biobutanol is burned.

To add more convenience, research showed that biobutanol can easily be mixed with regular gasoline to fill up modern gasoline-powered cars. About 15% of this energy source can be mixed with gasoline to make a car operate normally without any alterations. Even though this percentage is far from making us completely independent from gasoline usage, it is still a great start and has unlimited potential to become an efficient source of energy.

Biogasoline is another alternative fuel that is gaining popularity among eco friendly individuals. Biogas is a gaseous byproduct of the anaerobic digestion of organic matter. Usually, biogas is composed of 60% to 80% methane, 30 to 50% carbon dioxide, and small traces of other gases which include hydrogen and nitrogen. Conversely, natural gas consists of over 70% methane and other hydrocarbons.

Biogas solutions can make us more independent from gasoline usage

There are already about 3 billion people around the world who solely use burned solid fuels to meet their basic energy needs. Unfortunately, additional research indicates that about 2 million people die because of indoor air pollution that is caused by burning biomass. These lives can be saved if we start to use cleaner energy based on latest biogas solutions.

Besides the negative impact burning biomass has on our health, it also poses other threats to humans. This type of energy is used mostly in third world countries where women and children have to spend endless hours gathering fuel. In addition, several forests have been razed to the ground and consequently, the quality of soil has deteriorated rapidly.

If we keep burning biomass, global warming will only increase. We are already facing the consequences of the extensive damage we have caused to our ozone layer in the form of torrential rains and floods. Therefore, continuing down this path will not be a wise idea if we want to sustain Mother Nature and live a healthy life on this planet.

Currently, typical fuel offers us a range of 20% to 25% efficiency when we use it for electricity generation. If we continue conducting further research in biomass gasification, it can spell out a brighter future for us. The gasification of biomass promises to offer us a great improvement in efficiency and it will curb large scale combustion. We also have to focus on improving reactor design and fuel processing techniques so we can ensure complete combustion, and consequently, less pollution.

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Biogas solutions based on biogasoline & biobutanol can provide more independence from gasoline usage