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Latest Facts On Cellulosic Ethanol Also Known As Bioethanol

Cellulosic ethanol has been praised as a clean and efficient energy source

Due to constantly changing fuel supply and efforts to decrease carbon dioxide emissions within the past few years, bioethanol has taken the role as a great alternative to conventional fuels. Although some critics say that it is only a short term solution for our energy needs, cellulosic ethanol has been praised by several scientists as a clean and efficient source of fuel for transport.

Bioethanol has a promising future as a fuel alternative because it is derived from crops that can be grown within a short span of time in most places around the world. Using this fuel does not release major amounts of CO2 which is also a great benefit of using it. Small scale production of the fuel has already begun in countries across Europe such as Sweden, France, and Spain. These countries mainly use wheat and sugar beet to create bioethanol.

The first generation of bioethanol production involved using starch crops such as corn and wheat. Additionally, sugar cane and sugar beet are also used to derive this fuel. However, the advent of other sugar crops such as sweet sorghum provides a wide range of possibilities, especially in Europe. Hot and dry regions can take full advantage of sweet sorghum because it requires very little water or nutrients. Yet, it contains more fermentable sugar content than sugar cane and can be grown within a shorter span of time.

Here are some additional advantages of Bioethanol:

  • It is primarily composed from renewable resources.
  • It matches the performance of conventional fuels.
  • It is not as flammable as other forms of fuel.
  • The use of ethanol based fuels can cut emissions of greenhouse gases by almost 37%.
  • The net impact of bioethanol causes a decrease in damage to the ozone layer.
  • Creates a sense of security in terms of fuel so we don't have to rely only on oil.
  • It burns in a cleaner manner which means that it is completely combustible.
  • It decreases the volume of high octane additives.
  • In case of a fuel spill, very little harm is caused to the environment because it is biodegradable.

As we can see, cellulosic ethanol or "bioethanol" has several advantages which we can use to improve the situation of several different aspects in our lives. We can not only make the world a healthier and cleaner place to live, but we can stop being do dependant on one type of fuel, which in some cases has caused widespread panic across the world. Bio ethanol promises to show us a better prospect of tomorrow. It just depends on how vigilantly we push for this fuel to become the primary source of energy for us.

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Cellulosic ethanol also known as bioethanol has been praised by several scientists as a clean and efficient source of fuel