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Alternative Fuel Sources And Advanced Vehicles

Things look bleak with the world chugging its way into a choke-filled 21st century. As the internal combustion engine putters its way into a fast paced and smog filled consumer market, people are turning towards coming up with new alternatives to the gas powered convertible.

Besides coming up with advanced vehicles, the production and consumption of alternate fuel sources like diesel, biodiesel, biogas, hydrogen and many such of the like is also at the top of their list as far as the production renewable bio energy goes.

Do It With Diesel

An engine fueled by diesel has excellent fuel efficiency. Because of this its production is highly rated by many industries that are trying to come up with eco friendly fuel technology that gives more miles to the gallon as well.

Diesel itself has not come out from the eco world unfazed. Nevertheless, diesel engines produced today promise more torque at a lower RPM as compared to gasoline chugging engines. In fact, smog producing engines can cut down on harmful smog emissions if alternative and cleaner fuel, plus engine technologies are used in their production.


Advanced vehicles and alternative fuel sources are a great start into an eco friendly future

Biodiesel also makes for a great alternative fuel as compared to diesel. Since it is made from animal fat, vegetable oil or recycled animal grease, it is safe and biodegradable. This means that it produces even less air pollutants than normal petroleum based diesel.

It is a convenient fuel source since it can be used in any diesel powered engine. It can also be used with petroleum diesel. Using biodiesel as an alternative to gasoline is a great way to improve engine longevity as well.

A word to the wise! Just because biodiesel is made from vegetable oil does not mean that you force down copious amounts of animal grease into your dad's truck in order to save a few bucks! Remember, clean or used vegetable oil has to be manufactured as an alternative fuel source before it can be consumed.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Some manufacturers have done away with combustible fuels altogether by coming up with automobiles that run on electricity. Instead of utilizing gasoline or diesel, these super cars run on chargeable batteries. Kind of reminds you of the windup kind you had as a kid, doesn't it? These advanced vehicles are powered by an internal combustion engine which in turn is boosted by an electric motor.

The best part of investing in this eco friendly vehicle is that it does not require you to plug it in. A hybrid electric vehicle uses regenerative braking to charge itself. This means that it traps the energy you would normally lose the moment you slam on the brakes by storing it in the battery.

Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel cell vehicles, or FCVs as they are popularly known, are an efficient alternative to gas guzzlers since they run on hydrogen gas. Burning hydrogen gas instead of gasoline as an alternative fuel source means that your car does not produce any harmful tailpipe emissions.

In the off chance that the US economy might loosen it's strangle hold on foreign oil, advanced vehicles and alternate fuel sources would be a great way for the American consumer to give his everyday commute an eco push.

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