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Abc : An Alphabet of alternative Energy Forms

This alphabetic guide of renewable energy sources provides of an overview of alternative technologies and several technical terms including a basic explanation and links to articles about more specific information around "green" energy technologies on this website.


alternative energy - generating energy, that can be seen as an "alternative" to the use of > fossil fuel electricity by using > renewable power sources


bio-diesel - fuel for combustion engines that was produced from plants and fruits, instead from refined oil

bio-energy - biological produced diesel fuel, mostly from vegetable oil

bio power plant - generating electric power and heat from non fossil fuel sources

bio-mass - uses biologically produced methane gas to generate electricity

bio-sprit - plants, fruits and dung that are transformed into > biogas energy > bio fuel


CO2 - carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere among other things by burning > fossil fuels

combined head & power plant - Combines Head and Power systems (CHP) are able to generate electricity and heat power at the same time: cogeneration method

compact fluorescent light-bulb - CFL is an efficient source of light that can help to save energy much better than traditional bulbs

compact wind turbine - a compact wind turbine generator means a small windmill that can be installed e.g. on your roof or in the garden to generate electricity


drive green - all what helps to reduce pollution: car sharing, bio-diesel cars, hybrid cars, solar vehicles, or ... what about riding a bicycle


earth-heat technology - > geothermal heat

energy audit - a home energy audit can show you how your house is loosing energy, because of lack of insulation or old windows

energy saving lamps - > compact fluorescent light-bulbs

environmentally friendly energy - eco-friendly energies don't burden the ecosystem with emissions and don't leave poisonous or contaminating substances behind

ethanol - Brazil and the USA are the leading producers of bio-ethanol made of sugar plants and corn


fossil energies - burning > fossil fuels creates pollution what is followed by the greenhouse effect

fossil fuels - fossil sources are wood, coal, oil and gas


geothermal heat - geothermal energy uses underground heat to provide households and heating systems with hot water and to generate electricity

gondola - the engine room of a windmill, high above, right behind the rotor


humble summer grass - also known as switch-grass could be a more profitable, natural source for eco-friendly processed ethanol than sugarcane ethanol


industrial emission-reduction credits - companies with energy-efficient industries of low carbon dioxide emissions can trade emission-reduction credits


micro CHP - mini and micro > combined heat and power units use the same cogeneration method as big CHP-plants to simultaneously generate heat and power just for family houses or office buildings


offshore wind park - windmills built off the coast to save countryside and gain much stronger wind power


passive house - energy saving constructions, heat insulations and an autonomic energy system make most extern power sources unnecessary, like for an > zero carbon house

pellets - compressed sawdust without any glue materials, used for efficient heating with wood pellets

photovoltaic - to operate > solar modules, - panels and > sun collectors

pump & store power plant - a water power plant, that is able to generate and store electricity by pumping huge amounts of water around


renewable power sources - energy sources that can be reproduced like bio-energy or that are unlimited available like wind energy and solar energies


Sabatier Process - a Sabatier Process utilizes anaerobic digestion of biomass at a collection site to produce biogas: Sabatier process for biogas upgrade

solar cell - a unit of silicon plates to transform sunlight and warmth into solar heat and electrical power

solar module, solar panel - several > solar cells on one big panel, can by installed on roofs or as standalone to collect solar light and heat

sun collector - installation to collect sunlight or heat for e.g. solar heat systems

sun energy - electric power and heat energy for hot water and heating systems gained by collecting and transforming sunlight with > solar panels


tidal power plant - generating electricity by using the water power that occurs during low and high tide

turbine - important technical link between the natural power of water or wind and an electricity producing generator


unusual energy savings - living environmentally awake, it is possible to everyone to find his individual way on: How to Save Energy


wind energy - the force of winds turns rotors of windmills with (sometimes) giant turbines that operate power-generators to generate electricity


zero carbon house -

efficient heat insulation, energy and water saving installations and autonomic energy sources make a zero carbon house independent like > passive houses

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